I help busy Women up level their lives and reclaim their Awesome selves outside of Work and Motherhood, through Food and Fitness.

Are you a busy Woman juggling family/life/work and finds herself low on her own list of priorities?

Do you feel like you spend your entire life hopping on and off the diet treadmill, but still don’t feel like it has been worth it?

Do you want to feel proud and confident in the body that you have, and not shy away from activities or photos?

Do you know your success in other areas of your life could be hugely boosted if you had a good handle on your own health?

Fit Chick chronicles review
The 12 week program changed my life. After being stuck in a rut with weight loss for years I have finally found something that works for me. I have lost 10+kg and counting! The diet and exercise isn't just a 12 week change, it's a lifestyle change. Thank you!

Hi! I'm Jill

I’m a health and fitness coach who’s also a Mum who loves wine and licorice. It’s about balance, and life can sometimes be very messy and overwhelming. Fit Chick is about finding that balance and helping inspire other women and give them the tools to feel amazing.

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Just so you know, I'm loving the challenge so far. 15 minutes is doable when I don't have much time and can't leave Jasmine to workout. Given I'm an organised person by nature, I like how you clearly structure/outline what to do each day with the videos to accompany as a fun finisher. The variety makes it fun (not boring)​
Fit Chick Chronicles review
Angelica, New Zealand
Challenge Participant

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