Team Carry. NZ Crossfit Nationals 2017

Dustin and Joel working hard, and me hardly working.
Photos by Jörg Flügge
Last weekend I went up to the NZ Crossfit Nationals as a part of team Maia .
Day 2  started at 6.30am on the beach. It was a team carry, where 2 members had to carry the third on a canvas stretcher for 750m on soft sand, then the second half of the team repeated the process.
We ended up putting the 2 smallest people on the stretchers, and if need be, swap them with the next smallest and carry for a bit.  So my part in the entire event was to lay on a stretcher.
We went first, I was a bit worried I’d end up carrying Joel, he was at my head so I could hear him breathing pretty hard right from the start as he powered through, (I also wondered if I’d end up with a generous dollop of spit on my forehead if we’re being honest.) We ran up the beach and by the time we’d circled around the flag to come back we’d pulled out in front. We had an amazing group of supporters travel all the way to Mount Maunganui with us and I realized they were running alongside us. One of the guys asked how far behind the next group were and someone said about 50 meters.
After our second trio started we all ran to follow the rest of our team and support them. At this point we were so far ahead there was no one nearby so there we were, all the supporters, the scaled team, and the 3 of us running on the beach with them. It was such an amazing moment running along that beach at sunrise. The camaraderie was so powerful. I felt emotional and I know a number of people got a bit teary afterward. It was a truly amazing moment. It felt like there should have been a string orchestra playing Chariots of fire.  It is one of my favourite parts of the entire weekend, and it was a pretty epic weekend.  It is why being a part of a team can be so powerful, and I’m not just talking about the six of us competing at the time.  We are Maians, hear us roar!


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