The Crossfit Open and 70kg Deadlifts


18.4 Crossfit Open Deadlifts


I’ve had a small win this week.  I feel like wins have been few and far between lately so wanted to share.

I’m doing the Crossfit Open at the moment.  It’s the second time I’ve done it, last year I’d been doing Crossfit for 3 months when I entered so the experience is quite different.  In the Open, a work out is release to the world at 1pm Friday afternoon (NZ time) and has to be completed and the score logged online before the following Tuesday.  There is the RX work out, which is the standard we’re all aiming for, and the scaled version if you can’t do a particular movement or weight.   Scaled is a very acceptable option, but your results are ranked higher if you do the work out RX.  Last year I think I RX’d one out of the five workouts and scaled the rest.

It’s interesting doing it again and seeing people struggle to get their first pull up or struggle with perfect push-ups and remember being in exactly the same position a year ago.

In one workout last year it began with 100x 70kg deadlifts.  I was a bit frustrated at the time because I couldn’t do the deadlifts but could do the rest including handstand push-ups, but had to scale because of that particular weight.  Deadlifts aren’t one of my strengths, I just don’t do them often enough to have improved at all since starting Crossfit a year and a half ago.  In a Friday Night Lights training session not too long ago 70kg deadlifts came up.  It was while I was still trying to balance all my new training schedule and was pretty tired in general, but it was terrible.  I had to do a lot of singles and they were a struggle.

Remembering the 70kg deadlifts from last years Open I decided to be prepared for the worst case scenario of them reappearing again.  My training schedule is pretty full on, but I started doing the Wendler Log app again, just small weekly strength workouts I can fit around classes.  When the work out was announced on Friday with the 70kg deadlifts I knew that I’d done 13 unbroken the day before at 63kg so felt pretty ok about it.  When it came to doing the actual workout with 70kg it felt absolutely doable.

I felt unbelievably proud of myself.  It was a big call for me and I stepped up and took on the challenge.  And I did 21, 15 and 9 of them with handstand push-ups in between.  The relief I felt after that first 21 was huge, even in the warm-up I was still worried I wouldn’t be able to do it.  I was doing my best not to worry about not being able to do it but the thought was in the back of my mind.

I think it was a pretty humbling and emotional workout for a lot of people and for me I was ecstatic.  The occasional win makes it all worth it.



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