Declutter your life to remove inches from your waist.

Decluttering for weightloss makes sense.  If you feel stressed and overwhelmed you aren’t going to make good eating choices. 

Do you ever walk in the front door and feel heavy and overwhelmed by how much stuff is piled up at the front door?  The kitchen is a mess because you were running late this morning and no one else in your house thought to tidy up, and all you can see are things that need to be done.


Ok, the second scenario.  Do you ever look at all your clothes and think I have nothing to wear?  I don’t quite fit into a lot of it.  Or I don’t actually like a lot of it, or I will fit into it soon. I feel like I’m always trying to lose weight but it doesn’t happen. You feel overwhelmed and helpless.


Clutter creates overwhelm and stress

Stress leads to weight gain, it affects the Microbiome, which is the bacteria in our gut. Our gut is our second brain, it influences our hormones and immunity, our serotonin and Melatonin production, it affects our emotions and makes us make poor food choices. I’ve mentioned the connection between stress and weight loss in this previous blog, but weight gain goes hand in hand with stress, and stress goes hand in hand with clutter.

Weight loss is about 3 things, eating well, moving more and the mental game, and at the end of the day, the mental game is the hardest part. Clutter gives us a false sense of security, just like food can.



Start Small

I’m glad you’re excited to declutter for weightloss, but don’t want you to go crazy.  Don’t replace one overwhelm with another. Start with the fridge. Get everything out of it, wipe the surfaces down and only put back foods that reflect the new you. Of course ditch the soggy and out of date produce, or jars of things you bought once but never use. Fill the fridge with colourful fruit and vegetables and healthy snacks. Every time you open the fridge you should feel calm and be reminded of your new start. Your home is a reflection of yourself, just like your fridge should reflect your healthy lifestyle.

Once that’s done, make sure your benches are clear, if your kitchen is clear and easy to use you’ll be more likely to cook in there and prepare healthy foods.



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I'm a freshly retired dance studio owner, who is on a quest to nourish my soul creatively and artistically.

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