Health Focus- Day 4, the importance of rest

The importance of rest is something I’ve written about before, but it really rings true for me at the moment.

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Day 3 of my health focus became a rest day. I just could not work out. I did 2 hours of exercise on the first two days, one of my own training, plus teaching classes each day. The aches and pains had been setting in since day one. As well as most of my body being in pain from a couple of days of pretty intense workouts, I was so physically tired I just needed to stop.

I didn’t start the day with the intention to stop, I got up and knew I had no desire to go to Crossfit. But after I’d trained clients and went home to work I just sat down and I felt useless.

The importance of rest

My highlight of Day 3 was watching Swiss Family Robinson with my boys. I’d always wanted to watch it with them, I used to watch it as a kid and they love survival books. And thanks to Disney Plus being a thing, it is now possible.

Life and work goes on, so I did teach a Zumba class in the evening. But it was fun, and just moving made my body feel better.

Pure Tough Zumba Class

I also happened to be incredibly hungry yesterday. I listened to my body, and I ate pretty well. Just a lot, and I ended up eating cookies with the boys while we watched the movie. It was absolutely worth it.

I’ve been using a Tens ( transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine on my legs to help with recovery.

The Tens Machine

TENS units work by delivering small electrical impulses through electrodes that have adhesive pads to attach them to a person’s skin. These electrical impulses flood the nervous system, reducing its ability to transmit pain signals to the spinal cord and brain. The same electrical impulses also stimulate the body to produce natural pain relievers called endorphins. I think it’s helped a bit. It certainly helped while I was sitting on the couch using it.

I’ve been back at the gym today though, feeling much better pain wise, but still so tired.

I asked my husband rhetorically today while I’m so tired and his response was ” Because you came back and hit the ground full speed and didn’t take time to ease back into life ” Oh yeah.

I’m going to stop at the shop after class tonight to get ingredients for a big veggie curry. I feel like I definitely need it.

What I did well over the last 2 days:

Lots of water

Afternoon naps

What I could work on:



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