Health Focus, Day 6- Water to curb cravings.

Day 5 was a bit of a struggle when it came to food so I used water to help curb cravings.

I worked out in the morning, it was my first ever class I’d done with my husband as a Coach. He coaches in the morning and I don’t go when he does because the boys are in bed, but this morning I got to go to his class. It was good, and my body is feeling much better and I was looking forward to not going back to the gym for the rest of the day.

Using water to curb cravings.

I finished class, trained one of my own clients and had the rest of the day to work from home. Around mid-afternoon I was tired, I was unmotivated and wanted to snack on anything and everything. I was ready to ditch my intention for a focused 30 days of health. What I did instead was focus on water. A quick mental check made me realize I actually hadn’t drunk anywhere near enough so far throughout the day. 500ml of water later, I didn’t want to snack anymore. I felt on track and my self-destructive urges were gone.

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The day finished with salad and soda water sitting on the deck in the sunniest day we’ve had so far since I’ve arrived back to the New Zealand ‘Summer’.

I also went and got new gas bottles for the soda stream on Friday. I find the bubbly water slows me down a bit, and it’s a nice change from normal water. It works as a good replacement to sipping on a glass of wine. In fact, I drank my bubble water out of a wine glass and it felt decadent.

Feeling upbeat and energized on day 6

Today has been my best day so far this week, in terms of how I feel.

I started the day with a Crossfit class, it was a partner WOD (workout of the day) which I did with my husband. We finished first so it ticked my competitive needs, which I’ve had very few wins (personal wins) for a long time. Then I went and took part in a Zumba class, not even teaching it, just being one of the people in the crowd. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that kind of upbeat joy and optimism in a class and it felt amazing.

I walked home feeling great. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting this week, eating between 11 and 7pm, so brekky wasn’t until 11. My energy levels were up and I didn’t feel like I needed it until then anyway.

I need to sit down and make more or a food plan for the upcoming week.

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