Health focus- Day 12, Step tracking

Step tracking is something I’ve done quite obsessively in the past. Until about a year and a half ago when my then current Fitbit went through the washing machine. I don’t like wearing watches or anything around my wrist. I couldn’t find another that I could clip onto my clothes, so that was it. Also I think I needed a bit of a break from it.

I’m not saying you have to track your steps, what is important is what motivates you to move.  Step trackers definitely motivate me to move.  

I’m a pretty active person anyway, but some days, particularly a lazy Sunday, I can absolutely sit around at home and not get any steps on the board.  On the other hand, on a normal weekday morning, I can usually get at least 2000 steps up before I leave the house, just running around and getting everyone else organized.

The thing is, I’m a bit self competitive. I know how many steps I’ve done and need to hit my 10,000 step goal.  Minimum.

Day 12- Rivendel/ Kiatoke walks

Anyway, back to my 30 day health focus. Today I didn’t go to the gym. It’s the last day we could all hang out as a family before my husband heads to LA for a week. So we went for a family adventure instead.

We live in Wellington, New Zealand. The scenery is pretty beautiful, and there are plenty of picturesque places to go for walks. Today’s adventure took us to Kiatoke Regional Park, aka Rivendell from the Lord of the Rings. It’s not obviously a film location, other than signs advertising it, and the daily busloads of tourists. The only thing that actually looks like the elven city from the movies is an archway that is still there. It looks like a big solid stone structure that if you knock on it, you realize it’s hollow. But what we headed out for was the bushwalk.

After our recent holidays, I’d started to look at how many steps my phone had logged we’d done each day. It’s not an ideal situation to actually track my steps in my usual life because I don’t carry my phone when I work out or teach classes. But it spiked my interest enough to see if there was a non-watch option for a step tracker again, with no luck.

Family hikes and step tracking.

On Thursday night, my husband came home from work and surprised me with a new FitBit Inspire. He had also been researching and discovered you could get a clip for the Inspire to attach it to your clothes. 

My kids are also interested in step tracking and like to know how many steps we do. We had chosen an hour walking track over the swing bridge. I had 3000 steps exactly when we got out of the car and around 7500 when we got back again.

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The walk was beautiful, there were huge trees with places to climb inside, and lots of things to see. We went down to the river and the boys ended up having an impromptu swim in their underwear while we paddled around in it and enjoyed the sun.

The only downside to our adventure for the day as far as my health focus went was lunch. It was an hour drive out to Kiatoke, and we ended up stopping at a food court in a shopping center on the way back. We were all a bit tired and hungry, there wasn’t even a Subway or salad bar. I lined up with my youngest at Burger King to get his lunch and by the time I got to the front of the line I thought, stuff it, I’m getting a garden burger. And I did. Plus the chips. It was definitely not ideal.
But it’s all ok. I’m not going to dwell on it and I’m back on track now.

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