Health Focus- Day 15, Renewed energy.

Renewed energy and focus has been coming in thick and fast the last couple of days.

Sorry, I’ve been a bit slack. But there hasn’t been much to report, or so I thought. Then I realized, my creative inspiration is back. I’m feeling an inner drive again rather than feeling like I’m floundering in all the things. While this might not seem related to my health focus, I think it actually is. It has to do with my sense of control over my health and body and the fuel over what I’m putting in it. I have the mental energy.

I’m starting to feel good about where I am in my fitness ‘journey’. Still eating humble pie each time I go to CrossFit and can’t do the movements or weights I know I’ve been able to do in the past. But I’m feeling fitter already and just doing it. I am sweating up a storm at the moment. The weather has finally warmed up and each time I work out it’s like someone has turned a tap on. Sweat is a good thing, it just means my body is being efficient as cooling me down, but gosh there’s a lot of it.

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Food has been on track. I’ve been logging it the night before then mainly just following the plan the next day. We did go out for lunch yesterday which I obviously didn’t log. But I ate a limp salad, which was in line with my goals, but disappointing all the same. I’ve had it before, but obviously the chef was having an off day.

I am really ready for school to be back. I’m craving a normal routine and not feeling housebound. My kids are pretty independent, and I can leave them for an hour to take a client and the house hasn’t burned down when I get home. But I always feel the guilt and pressure to get back. My husband has also been working a lot, so I haven’t been going for night walks like I’d hoped.

The plan for today is to find some healthy lunch box recipes that all three of us are happy with (the boys and me).

One boy doesn’t like most nuts, in particular anything that smells like peanut butter. The other doesn’t like coconut or dark chocolate. One or both don’t like dried apricot. It feels like a mission, but I will find a recipe that fits the brief and I’ll share it with you. Let me know if you have a recipe to try.


I'm a freshly retired dance studio owner, who is on a quest to nourish my soul creatively and artistically.

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