Day 21- Mindful eating and a whole lot more water

I’m heading into week 3 and my focus for the week will be mindful eating and really getting in a heap of water.

I’m actually retaining a lot of water at the moment. So much so, that the scales will go up and down several kgs in as many days. When they’re up, there is so much fluid in my face that my eyes bulge with fluid and it looks like I have gigantic bags under my eyes.

It’s been pretty warm too, so I should have been getting enough water. I certainly drink a lot while I work out, but I’ve been a bit slack otherwise. The water retention thing is a bit baffling. I’m not eating a lot of salt, maybe it’s down to hormones and age, I’m not sure. But it’s getting more of an issue I need to focus on.

Another focus of the week will be mindful eating. Tasting the food I’m putting in my mouth and enjoying it. Not just wolf in down because I’m in a rush. It was a big focus of one of my nutrition coaching courses, mindful eating, and I need to remember it for myself. Chew plenty of times, taste it, and for my own benefit, take a photo and log it so I own what I’ve ingested.

Thirdly, this week I’m going to really practice intermittent fasting again. No snacking at night time, and eat during an 8 hour window. It will give my body time to digest, and give me a timed structure so I don’t nibble after dinner.


I'm a freshly retired dance studio owner, who is on a quest to nourish my soul creatively and artistically.

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