Episode 2. Nutrition for New Mum's with Jenny Douglas

nutrition for new mums

Today I’d like to introduce Jenny Douglas of Jumpstart Nutrition.  A New Zealand based registered dietitian who is here to talk to us about nutrition for Mum’s. She covers pregnancy nutrition, has tips for new Mum’s to get the best start, plus great ideas for fussy eaters.

Jenny is a mother of two very active children and understands the challenges of fussy eating, food intolerance’s,  and generally eating well with a busy lifestyle.   She loves the power of food and how it interacts with our health, our mental state, and our social lives.  Through her work, she helps clients feel confident in making nutrition decisions for their families.

Topics covered in the Interview include:

  • If all else fails, what is the most important thing a new Mum should be focused on when it comes to nutrition?
  • What kind of struggles do you see pregnant and new Mum’s face when it comes to nutrition?
  • Are there any foods you know breastfeeding Mum’s often worry about but you don’t think they should?
  • What foods should new Mum’s avoid?
  • What supplements do you recommend for Mum’s, if any?
  • What struggles do you often see Mum’s face when it comes to feeding their families? 
  • What is your top tip for a happy, healthy Mum?

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