Episode 4. How to get started in Ultra Marathon running with Gabriel Ribeiro

how to get started in ultra marathon running with Gabriel Ribeiro

Today I interview Gabriel Ribeiro of Gravity Fitness, to talk about how to prepare for your first Ultra Marathon.  We talk about preparation, food, recovery and how great it can be with a team.

Gravity Fitness is a fitness class developed by personal trainer, Gabriel Ribeiro. After years of successfully training clients using his health and fitness regime G-ABS, Gabriel created Gravity Fitness to help build agility training, strengthening and movement into the training regime of his clients. Gravity Fitness has the vision of evolving clients, no matter what level of fitness they are at, into mobile and functional beings able to carry themselves with great posture, free of injuries and able to perform body weight tasks.


  • What exactly is ultra marathon running and what is so appealing about it?
  • How is it different to prepare for an ultra marathon to a normal marathon?
  • Can you tell us a bit about the how you get teams together to run and what do you do as a trainer?
  • What kind of diet do you follow in both the lead up and during the Ultra Marathon?
  • What kind of things go through your mind when you’re running an ultra marathon? What is the idea mindset, and what is the actual mindset that creeps in?
  • What does the UM do to your body? Blisters, fatigue, aches etc. How do you recover?

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