2am thoughts.

It’s 2am, that witching hour when the best and worst ideas come to you as you lay in the dark and try and convince your brain to switch off and sleep.

My brain has been circling with ideas and realizations and I need to get it out.
I’m currently day 24 into a 90 day Keto challenge, and for me, it’s a vegetarian keto challenge. I am learning so much about myself and my body and I need to unload. The problem is I’m not very good at talking about eating, which is a part of the reason I took up the challenge in the first place, to push my comfort zone and make it easier. 

 It’s a part of a gym challenge so there is plenty of room for uncomfortable meetings and discussions.What is it they say? Discomfort is the currency of growth.
Well, I’m certainly growing. The other reason I’m doing it is that I’m also quite fit and wanted to remove the layer of insulation hiding my hard earned muscles.
A coach mentioned in the intro session that you can’t be emotional about food in this challenge.  Well, that’s a problem because I am.  I suspect he was talking about ‘needing’ particular foods, but my problem is I get wobbly talking about food, or rather ‘Dieting’.  That word will probably not be used again.
I am Jill, a 6 day a week crossfitter, Zumba instructor, ballet and contemporary dance teacher, mum, creative and trying to work out the best way to be the best me possible. I am not a nutritionist.
I have no idea where these ramblings will go, but I’m going to use it as a way of helping my mindset along the way.




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