Why a Squat Challenge?

  • Squats are a functional movement. We use squat movements and the muscles they strengthen every single day.  How often do you have to get up from a sitting position?
  • Squats build strength in your legs; the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves as well as your glutes and back muscles.
  • When performed properly,  the load applied to the squat is great for not only building muscle strength but also engaging the ankle, knee and hip joints all at the same time and making them stronger.

Only $27! Less than a dollar a day.

How it Runs

  • Emailed to you each day, This is not like your usual 30 Day squat challenge   We’ll use music, we’ll using variations and we’ll mix it up.
  • Designed to be done anywhere without any special equipment.  All you need is you.
  • Each day you will receive an email with that days particular challenge plus any extra hints or tips to make it easier.
  • To keep it simple there will be several different workouts based around a simple squat, repeated over the month, with options for all level of participants.
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Who are you Jill and why would I join?

I’m a health and fitness coach who’s also a Mum who loves wine and licorice. It’s about balance, and life can sometimes be very messy and overwhelming. Fit Chick is about finding that balance and helping inspire other women and give them the tools to feel amazing.

The goal of this challenge is to introduce a bit more exercise into your life in a fun way.   While building strength in the muscles we need to fire up to win at basic movement every single day.

Good health goes far beyond the food we put in our mouths and Fit Chick is about women finding their Strength, their Courage, their Power and their ‘Roar’ 

Fit Chick Health Coach Jill
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squat challenge reviews