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Apps for tracking results at the gym


The easiest way to improve and meet goals is to know exactly what you need to do to be better. Sounds easy huh. Tracking results is actually a no-brainer form of proof.

I’m a mildly competitive person. Actually quite a competitive person, especially with myself.

One thing I love about Crossfit is repeating workouts months later and being able to look back at what my weight or time was last time and try and beat it. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword, sometimes I’m disappointed if I can’t improve on previous results, which is ridiculous, it isn’t possible to improve every single time, but I still like to try.

I’ve tried 3 different ways of tracking over my year and a half Crossfit journey, I’ve tried the notebook and writing it down approach. Which I would have thought would be great since nothing gets my blood pumping like fun coloured stationary, but it isn’t as easy to automatically find your previous results as it is to use an app.

I’ve used Beyond the Whiteboard which is a great app. I started using it because our Box, Maia Crossfit, was affiliated with it and I could find the gym and just click on that day’s workout and log my score. It shows previous results, tells you with a green score if you’ve done better or a red result if it isn’t. Nothing makes me happier than the little green number.

Then the Box ended it’s connection with BTWB and started using Zen Planner which integrated class login, you could still record your result, and it also had a leaderboard for that day’s workout. I stuck with it for a while. But once I realised it was incredibly hard to find previous results I just paid up and went back to BTWB. There is still a group of Maia members who are a ‘crew’ on BTWB. I can click on my crew and if I’m in luck someone else has already logged their result that day and I can just click on the workout and log my result, or I can take an extra 30 seconds to search and find it myself.

Tracking is definitely worth it.  How do you track results?

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