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90 Days of Vegetarian Keto Results.

And the Vegetarian keto results are in! My 90 day Challenge ended on Saturday.
We did a 3d scan and measurements through a company called Health and Fitness Testing New Zealand. For more info on them check out their website:
They use a program called Fit3D where it does a 3D scan, taking all your measurements. It gives you a lot more data about your body than a set of scales and a measuring tape would.
Here are the scan result comparisons:

  Day 1 Day 90 Difference
Weight 66.6kg 55.4kg 11.1kg
Body Fat % 26.44% 17.65% 8.79%

The Emotional Changes

At the start of the 90 days there is no way I would have been able to share this data with you.  It’s a bit confronting, but a part of doing the challenge for me was to deal with my issues about talking about that D word (diet) and my body.

The Physical Changes

I’m really proud of the what I’ve achieved in 90 days.  My body weight has dropped considerably.  I didn’t really think I had that much weight to lose, and the weights I’m lifting are going up. In the 90 days I competed in the New Zealand Crossfit Nationals at the end of it and I feel really good about how a high fat diet fuels my body. I am starting to feel a bit hungry these days, but I guess that’s just my bodies way of telling me I need more calories.

My goal was to stick to my macros, 70% fat, 25% protein, 5% carbs, and I was never more than a few percent off the entire time.  In fact my biggest carb blow out was ending the day with a big meal of veggies while I was away competing and someone else cooked dinner.  But I justified it away in my brain by calculating it as net carbs, rather than actual carbs.  My calories were sometimes higher, generally if I drank empty calorie, carb free alcohol, and some days I was just hungry depending on how much training I’d done, but the macros were always pretty much bang on.

Not feeling deprived

Because it was about macros I never felt deprived of anything.  If I really wanted a taste of something I worked out how many carbs, how much a small taste was and if it was worth it.  Most of the time it wasn’t.  But I never felt as if there was anything I wasn’t allowed to have, I just chose not to because it didn’t fit my macros.  It felt like an empowering way of looking at it.  Importantly I didn’t end the challenge hanging out for a blow out, in fact the things I wanted to eat most were fruit, porridge with honey and raisin toast.

I’m also much more comfortable talking about food and weight.  People can be pretty blunt with their questions and I learned to deal with it pretty quickly.  It was in the first couple of weeks people started asking straight out how many kilos I’d lost and I just answered.  Over and over until it got easier.  At the end of the challenge a lot of people at the gym are asking me about keto and how it works.
I saw a friend at the supermarket recently, who I hadn’t seen in a while.  She asked me how I did it and I explained what I’d been up to and my vegetarian keto results.  She’d love to do it too but wasn’t prepared to give up rice.  Which is what it comes down to I guess.  What are you prepared to do to achieve the goals you want?

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