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30 Days isn’t an intimidating amount of time to commit to something, but IT IS long enough for you to start to SEE RESULTS and FEEL MOTIVATED.

Hi, I’m Jill

I’m a Fitness instructing, costume maker, trying to be a Wonder mum, who’s madly creative!
As a certified Health and Fitness Coach with a passion for moving. I have a fascination with nutrition and how it impacts our bodies. I know that your mindset and the power of thoughts have a huge impact on performance and results.
Life is meant to be full of adventures and fun!
Fit Chick is about finding that balance and helping inspire other women and give them the tools to feel amazing.

What You'll get for the 30 Day Challenge

  • You’ll receive access to a secure sign in course, as well as daily emails to give you a gentle nudge.  The emails will contain the workout, plus nutrition and health tips to help you get the best results possible.
  • There are 5x 30 minute video workouts to follow along with each week, plus 2 rest days. The focus is on getting in more exercise than you are currently doing, hence, changing it up.  If 5 Days is too many, pick a number and try and stick with it.
  • The workouts have both an equipment and no equipment version.  This is to accommodate those with no weights at home, and those that do and want to incorporate them.  Don’t worry if you don’t have any weights, there will be plenty of strengthening and toning, but not using equipment makes it more accessible to everyone.
  • A private Challenge Facebook group will be active to encourage support for each other, provide accountability and a chance to ask questions.  
  • Basic nutrition coaching is available in the group throughout the challenge, with a focus on what we should be adding, rather than what we shouldn’t


I lost a little weight which was a bonus as I wasn’t trying to. My aim was to incorporate exercise into my day and apparently it takes 3 weeks to create a habit. 4 weeks should do it then, I thought. No doubt about it, each 30 minute routine was tough going. But, wow! After only a week I loved the difference it made to me! My mind is more focused, my body moves more easily, I sleep better and I’m sub consciously making better dietary decisions. I’m very glad I signed up for the challenge and used the flexibility offered to make what feels like a new “me”.

Round 1: Change it Up Challenge

Join out Next Round to get some of the fantastic results out Round One participants did.


Its good to have put exercise back into my daily routine. I like it’s online and I can do it in my own time.

I’m feeling more confident with the types of exercises.

Round 1: Change it Up Challenge

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30 Day Change it up Challenge

  • $51 USD/$70 NZD for 30 days to create change for a healthier and fitter You.
  • Daily emails with workouts and general nutrition and fitness tips.
  • 30-minute Video workouts you can do from home with little or no equipment.


30 Day Change it up Challenge Plus 12 Month Membership

  • Everything included in the Challenge Price, PLUS
  • For a limited time, get the Change it up Challege free by joining the12 month Fit Chick Workout Membership.
  • That includes free access to all other challenges within your membership lifetime, and have access to the full library of videos from all workouts and challenges on demand

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Immediate Access to workout library


30 Day Change it up Challenge Plus 12 Months Membership
Payment Plan (Monthly)

  • The same perks of the 12 month membership with free challenge access, but with the cost split out over 12 payments.
  • Access to all our Fit Chick workouts and Challenges.
  • 30 minute video workouts with no, or limited equipment.
  • This is a 12x monthly payment of $13 USD

$13 x 12 payments

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Protein Recipe Pack

Protein is an important building block when it comes to muscle repair and growth.  

Get this free recipe pack as soon as you join up to get you motivated and ready to change it up!  Complete with ingredients, instructions, macro breakdowns and a scannable barcode for MyFitnessPal.