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Super Easy Meal Prep Hacks for a Healthy and Chaos Free Week

Quick and easy ideas to have healthy meal options ready to grab and go.  

Includes easy modifications to change it up so you don’t feel like you’re always eating the same thing.  

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Who on Earth are you Jill, and why would I listen to you?

Hi! I’m Jill, a Nutrition and Fitness coach who helps busy Women up level their lives through Food and Fitness.

I also happen to be a Mum to 3 boys, aged 10, 11 and 38 years, as well as running my own business.  So I know exactly what it’s like to live in chaos if I’m not prepared for the week when it comes to meal time.  

I love having adventures and I’m so incredibly grateful to have a body that lets me live the life I do.  You wouldn’t put dirty fuel in a car and expect it to run well so why would we do the same with our bodies.

Enjoy this Food Prep cheat sheet and I hope it’s helpful and makes your life, and looking after your health that little bit easier.


Fit Chick Health Coach Jill