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Excuse busting the ‘no time to exercise’ myth.

PrintI hear it from women all the time, I don’t have time to exercise.  It’s the baby, it’s work, it’s the fact I spend a couple of hours of Facebook each day (actually no, that one is never said out loud).

It can be tricky when you have unpredictable elements dictating your time, like children, but there are ways around it.

Get up earlier

Yes, nothing new, we’ve all heard it but why aren’t you?  I can hear you groan from here, “I’m too tired, I like to sleep”.  If you get up and exercise you will actually have more energy to start the day.  Even if it’s just popping on your sneakers and going for a walk.  And your body will adjust to getting up earlier very quickly.  Don’t shock yourself by setting the alarm 2 hours earlier, even half an hour earlier will do.  Rocking into a fitness class with other half asleep bodies then rolling out bursting with endorphins at the end is also a great start to the day, and if the reason you have trouble finding time to exercise is kids, then hanging out with other grownups for an hour will be great for your sense of self.

Get moving in your lunch break

Take your workout shoes and clothes to work and get changed.  Alternatively, if you’re like me, I work from home a lot of the time and use a 12-noon lunchtime Crossfit class as a time to stop and leave my workspace, otherwise, I’d just keep working through.


If you really feel like there is no time in your day then you need to decide what needs to move to make space for it. Can binge watching Game of Thrones wait? Can making lunches and cleaning the kitchen be done in less time, or can you get most of it done the night before? Can anyone else help pick up the slack slightly if you asked? You might be surprised if you ask for help, don’t assume you need to do it all on your own.

Mini Sessions

Create habits and rules for yourself.  Every time you pop something in the microwave hold a plank position or a wall sit. Every time you put your keys away stop and do 20 push ups.

At the end of the day, you can choose to make time for exercise or not.  Worst case scenario, find 3x 5-minute blocks throughout the day and work like mad at that time.  It is possible to find time, all you need to do is make it happen.  You just need to create the habit, and motivation helps.  Know why you want to exercise.

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Tough Love: There is no such thing as ‘I don’t have time to exercise’, it is ‘I choose not to make time to exercise’.


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