12 Weeks to Lose weight and kick start the new You!

It's simple. It's easy to follow and includes short workouts you can do anywhere to fit into your busy schedule.

We are all different people and there is no magical, one health and fitness plan fits all.

We are all starting at different places

We all have different tastes and interest

We all have different time restraints

and we all have different voices in our heads telling us why it’s not going to happen this time.


What is your Plan to take control of your health and fitness in 2019?

Are you hoping for the best or do you have a plan? Will power and discipline are pretty flimsy allies if they’re all you’ve got. Good habits and tools are the allies you need, the ones you don’t need to think about, the ones that will turn up and do the work without being asked.


Why is this going to work for me?

This program is designed to fit in with your life.  With a few fun twists to keep it interesting and enjoyable.

The workouts are short and manageable sections, that you can fit in a quick 5 minutes burst or add several blocks of exercise together like a full three course meal.  



About the Program


Why this way?

  • you can choose how much or little time you spend on the program depending on what you want to achieve, the program can be tailored for everyone.
  • we easily adapt to options that are enjoyable
  • doing what we have always done will get the results we've always achieved

Be as Structured or Free Range as you need to be, but still working within the framework.

The aim of the program is to expose you to lots of different exercises you might not try otherwise.  It’s a bit like expanding your repertoire of healthy recipes you love to cook.  You’re not going to eat it if you don’t enjoy it.

What would your life look like if you'd taken action a year ago?

Your Body Transformation Plan: Your 'Goal' is not something you hope to achieve, it's the Plan for how it will actually happen.

Risk Free: 30 Day- Do the work Money back guarantee.

If you can't see any improvement after 30 days and can prove you've done the work by filling in a simple survey we will happily refund your money.
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Hi, I’m Jill!

To describe me, I’m a Crossfitting, Zumba instructing, dance teacher, trying to be a Wonder mum & Wife who’s madly creative!  I absolutely understand feeling overwhelmed with juggling everything life has to throw at you and want to help women prioritize their own health.

I’m a certified Health and Fitness Coach with a passion for moving and a fascination with nutrition and how it impacts my body. I’m particularly interested in mindset and the power of thoughts over performance and results.

I’m exploring the best way to maximise a vegetarian diet as fuel while training hard and keeping up with my family and work.

Life is meant to be full of adventures and fun!

Fit Chick Chronicles started is a way for me to track those 2am thoughts, as well as a way to keep myself accountable in my fantastic adventures in fitness, food, and life.  It has grown to be a much bigger beast, where I now help women curate their best lives with a focus on food, fitness and mindset.

Building this blog is to help me realise my goals and to build resilience by doing things that might scare me. Sharing this with the world is a little bit scary, but discomfort is the currency of growth and I have big plans for growth in the next 2 years.

Follow along and be a part of the fun, Fit Chick Chronicles is not a blog about a perfect person, it’s about working out what’s perfect for me right now and I’m more than happy for the company along the way.

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

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