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                              Who is this challenge for?



                Anyone who struggles to find time to exercise. 

                                  (Hello work, family, life)


             Anyone who needs a challenge or a deadline to get                                                motivated.


                                    Why you should do it:



  • 1.  It will only take 15 minutes a day  over 5 days (including warm up and cool down time) which is a very manageable amount of time to find
  • 2.  It is the start of December which is  the time we usually start to fall off the wagon because we’re so busy.
  • 3.  There is no such thing as too unfit or ‘not ready’ for this challenge. We cater to all.
  • 4.  You can do it in the privacy of your living room if you wanted to.
  • 5.  You can feel proud of yourself for following it through, it’s only 5 days after all.
  • 6.  You can be a part of a community of like minded people.
  • 7.  Because once you prove to yourself that you can conquer this small challenge you’ll know you can take on other challenges life throws at you.

You’ve got this!

Strength, Power,  Courage, ROAR!


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