Food Planning to Succeed

Something I do every single night is plan what I’m going to eat the next day.
I log everything I’m going to eat into the MyFitnessPal app, make sure the macros and calories are good then switch off for the night knowing I’m set for the following day. It doesn’t need to be an app, but an app works for me.
I don’t always (very often) eat exactly what I’ve planned.  I change it in MFP throughout the day if it does change.  But I never get to 5pm and I’m out of calories or carbs.  If I’m fanging for something else I just switch it out, no big deal, make sure everything fits and eat it. Likewise, I never get to night time and realize I haven’t eaten anywhere near enough, not that that would ever happen because I’m always ready for the next refuel.
I’m planning to succeed. I know my food it on point before I go to bed, and it is something I can control in life where nothing ever goes according to plan.
Plan. Do. Adjust. Succeed. Simple 😉

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