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Good, Better and Best Goals

It’s the new year and the time most of us start to think about setting new goals.  The problem with making new years resolutions is that we start out gung-ho and lose momentum pretty quickly when they take longer to happen than we’d like.

I have a new approach for this year, and it’s the Good, Better and Best Goals approach.

For example, if my goal was to be able to run 8km by the Mothers Day Classic (a 4 or 8km fun run) in May my goal would be run 8km by May 1st.  8km might sound pretty daunting if I can barely run 500m at the moment.

Instead, I could break it down to my Good, Better and Best goals.

Good Goal: run the 4km route by May 1st

Better Goal: walk/run 8km by May 1st

Best Goal: Run 8km by May 1st.

If I can only run 4km I’ve still a goal hit, not the best goal, but still an achievement none the less.  And as I hit good and better goal along the way it boosts my confidence which will help with hitting the best goal at the end.


A strategy is also important in achieving goals.  I need to know how I’m going to achieve my goal.  Planning is important.  

If your goal is food related Check out his article about food planning to succeed.

For the 8km running goal, that might mean committing to going for a run 2-3 a week and extend the amount of running time or distance as I progress.  If it was to lose weight it might involve a diet plan and decide on ‘X’ amounts of time I’m going to exercise each week.

Believing you can actually achieve your goal is a major step in achieving it, and the Good, Better, Best system makes it possible.

Good luck with your goal setting, and I hope this is the year you tick off some big goals and dreams xo


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