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How I plan to enjoy the Holidays, but stay on track with my health goals with 4 SIMPLE RULES

48424555_10217737770980601_1342900634097025024_nIt’s less than a week until I hop on a plane back to Australia for Christmas, which means 2 and a bit weeks of celebrating, drinking, eating and being away from my usual routine and workouts.

I absolutely plan on enjoying the time, but I also don’t want to get back to real life in January heavier and feeling behind the 8-ball, especially with a Crossfit comp coming up later in the month.  I’m not going to follow a ‘diet’, I’m just going to set myself general rules…

Rule Number 1: Intermittent fasting:

This is one that has worked for me in the past over the Christmas break.  I’d just started training with a new PT and his diet advice was to eat between 11am and 7pm, eat more probiotics and more protein.  It’s good because it gives my body time to digest, especially with the several day long ‘Christmas lunches’ coming up, and depending on the window of time I choose it helps minimise the calorie intake if I’m going to have a big lunch in the middle.  If I know we will be having dinner with someone I might start the day a bit later, say from 12noon- 8pm, and that also provides a cut off time for nibbles and dessert at the end of the day.  The end of day nibbles and dessert with a glass of wine or two is definitely a time I could eat more than a days worth of calories in one sitting without even thinking.

Rule Number 2: Drink lots of water

For me, I’m going to aim for around 2.5-3 litres each day.  It’s going to be pretty warm so that shouldn’t be a problem.  Starting the day with half a litre as soon as I get up is always a good start.

Rule Number 3: Fill up on veggies first.

Socializing with both sides of my family can look like a lot of cheese and nibble platters. And who doesn’t love a nibble platter, I certainly do. But if I’m already well stocked on water and vegetables then I won’t need to eat as much of the other stuff.

Rule Number 4: 15-minute workouts:

I’m launching our new Fit Chick Workout Membership in January.  It was based on the success of my recent squat challenge and the feedback was that many people wanted it to continue.

I’m going to come back with a heap of short work out videos, but it is the holidays so I’m going to make it fun.  We’ll be doing a bit of travelling so I want to make the most of the new environments and base workouts around where we go, like a workout based around Cooper Pedy Clusters or something like that when we go to Coober Pedy.

If you don’t know where Cooper Pedy is, I don’t actually know yet either, but my 9 year old son had decided that’s where he’d like to visit so we’re making it a thing.  It’s a mining town in Northern South Australia where everyone lives underground because it’s so hot.  How I’ll be working out there we will have to see.

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That’s the plan anyway.  I’ll see how I go, it is definitely about balance and I just don’t want to tip the balance too far in the wrong direction.

Have a fabulous holiday season, whatever you might be doing or celebrating.  I think the key is to decide ahead of time what you are going to do or consume, not just get swept up in the moment.



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