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How to restart your body with changes you’ll hardly notice.

Imagine having the power to restart and reboot your body. 
Just like a computer, it’s not working so you turn it off and on again to fix it.  
Knees aren’t working, just restart. 
Tummy is always bloated and sore, turn it off and on again.
If only life could be so easy.  Well, I can’t promise it will be that easy, but it is possible to reboot and restart your systems without entirely overhauling your life.  We can do it with small manageable tweaks.

When you think about the body you wish you had, what does that look like? 

And I’m not necessarily talking about numbers on the scales.  

  • What would you wear? 
  • How would you feel getting dressed in the morning? 
  • How would you physically feel? Would you be tired or full of energy? 
  • What wouldn’t you do anymore?
  • What could you physically do then that you can’t do now?

Ok, now let’s come back to the real world.  What would have to happen between there and now for it to be a reality?  Do you imagine strict diets of salad and chicken for life. Hours of exercise in your future. Or sitting around at social situations watching everyone else have fun while you sip on your soda water and avoid the snack table.

Incorrect Answer.

The reality is, that even if you did stick with the huge lifestyle changes associated with a strict diet you wouldn’t be able to stick with it forever.  Besides, what’s the point of looking fabulous and happy if you can’t feel fabulous and happy.

What if you could restart your body?

Imagine if you could start fresh with a body that worked properly.  Your metabolism would work like a charm, your joints wouldn’t ache and there wasn’t a lingering hangover of a decade of eating and drinking like a Uni student. 

Clients always tell me they want to be ‘more healthy’, but what does that actually mean.  The answer usually falls under 3 categories, they want to lose weight, they want to feel better or they or someone they love is suffering from sickness or disease because of their lifestyle choices.

Weight loss is a byproduct of all our systems working well.  If your digestive and excretory systems are working well the body processes the food you eat, and efficiently gets rid of waste.  The Endocrine system influences the function of the body using hormones, and so many women struggle with weight because of hormones.

What we eat plays a major role in providing nutrients to each organ and gland to so that they can perform the duties they’re meant to.  Without nutritional balance, our body doesn’t have the bandwidth to create the energy needed for metabolism. Pretty much, what that means is what you put into your body affects how well it functions. And how well it functions dictates your weight, mood, and energy.

Yes, you know you need to eat better but now what? I promised it wouldn’t be all vegetables…

The Compound Effect

There is a great book called The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.  The Compound Effect is about how small actions, done consistently can lead to hugely successful results.  Tiny choices we make today can lead to successes or failures of the future. Small consistent action over a long period of time has greater payoffs than intensely large burst short changes.  Just like the strict diet we were talking about earlier. You can go hard core and follow a strict diet for 3 months, then as soon as you stop it the results stop, or more likely go backwards.  Or you can make small changes and do them consistently which will become a habit, something you don’t even need to ‘make yourself do’. And in the long run, the results are likely to be better.

How small changes add up

Imagine if you put $1 in a jar every day for a year.  At the end of the year you’d have $365. At the end of 10 years you’d have $3650 and that doesn’t even include interest if you’d put it in the bank.  We all understand the concept when it comes to money, but what happens when it comes to the 2 Tim Tam biscuits you have with coffee every morning at work.

Changes you’ll hardly notice

A humble Tim Tam has 80 calories, that’s 160 calories per day, 5 days a week.  Over a year that works out to 520 Tim tams or 41,600 calories.  Apparently the average person burns between 80-140 calories per mile they run. Because it’s easier to work out we’ll say you burn 80 calories per mile, which conveniently is the same as the number of calories you consume in a Tim Tam.  That’s the equivalent of having to run 420 miles to burn off a 30 second morning tea snack!  

But what if you only had one Tim Tam instead of 2? That would only be 20,800 calories, (which is still a lot on a biscuit you can probably demolish in 20 seconds and not even notice, but a huge difference compounded over time). But you don’t have to cut them out all together, remember this is about keeping the joy in your life too. If you didn’t have Tim Tams each morning and saved it just for Friday morning, you could have your 2 Tim Tams and only tally up 8,320 calories consumed over the year. Tiny actions repeated have big results

I’m not the biggest fan of focusing on what we shouldn’t be eating.  If you tell someone they can’t have something what do they want? Exactly what you told them they can’t have.  How about instead we focus on a positive. Still going with the consumable theme, what if you added a glass of water before each meal instead. Your calorie intake would probably go down because you had filled some of the void with water.  You wouldn’t mistake dehydration for hunger. Your food would digest better, your skin would be fresher and you’d feel saintly for drinking more water.

It is possible to restart your body, it’s just a matter of finding what changes work for us.  We’re all different.  

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