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I identify as… a strong woman. A different look at Success Mindset

In the not too distant past I did a 5 day limitless growth challenge, run by Business Coach Stacy Tuschl of She’s building her Empire.

One of the topics was about who do you identify as, and more importantly who do you want to identify as.  Besides giving me the sudden motivation to tidy my kitchen and finish my tax because I wanted to identify as someone with a clean house and always on top of my accounts, it got me thinking about ways to apply it in other areas of my life.

Big picture ways I currently identify myself in my health and fitness training are:

  • I work out 6 days per week
  • I am a Crossfitter
  • I am a Zumba and dance Instructor
  • I am a coach
  • I am good at putting weights over my head.
  • I am good at body weight exercises.

But starting to look at the smaller identifiers I found them really useful to help with my mindset.  I’m sure you can appreciate the self-doubt of knowing you’ve achieved something before, “but maybe I can’t today”  These are a couple of the more specific examples that have come up for me lately.

  • I identify as someone who can clean and jerk 60kg (I’d only done it once before but felt surprisingly easy when I reassured my brain I was a person who could do it the second time)
  • I identify as someone who can burpee 20 times over a bar in a minute (and have video proof on social media) so I can absolutely bust out that many in a competition.
  • I identify as someone who has the tendency to fall on her face when going at great speeds- not a handy one to have just before a wheel burrow race in the Crossfit Team Nationals.  I’ll need to work on an alternative for that one.

It comes down to the ‘proof’.  It’s not just about referencing the past, it’s about owning your ability and mind.

It can also come down to the kind of person you want to be:

  • As a coach, I help people change their lives for the better daily.
  • As an athlete I am disciplined and constantly striving for more.

Or it could be the future person you want to identify as:

  • I identify as someone who can run 15km

What sort of things would a woman who can run 15km do? She might go for a 30 min run a couple of times per week, or start each work out with a kilometer or 2 to warm up.  What do I need to do to be able to identify as her?

It can sound a bit silly, I laughed out loud to myself when I boldly declared in my head that I identified as someone who could squat clean 60kg, but it made me smile and it worked.Success Mindset, who do you identify as?

Who do you identify as?


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