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July goal wrap up

This is a chick who can do 10x 75kg deadlifts. July goal: tick!

Earlier in the month I did something a bit crazy and posted my fitness goals for the month on social media.  I’d written them down at the end of June but had an unexpected surprise holiday for my birthday so didn’t actually get going until July 9th.

The goals were:

  • 10 cycled toes to bar
  • 10 cycled pull ups
  • 10x 75kg deadlifts

As the time sped along I began to realise a flaw in the plan (other than trying to magically improve 3 areas at once), trying to really work on the toes to bar and pull-ups in the same month was a programming flaw.  The skin on my hands was just too sore to dedicate time to both, so realistically I decided to work on my TTB goal but still do push-ups for my pull up goal and save my hands.  I even got a bit wobbly on my deadlift goal towards the end and wondered if I’d ever make it.  I started to make excuses to myself about the fact I didn’t have a whole month.

Working on deadlifts was a mix of 2 training programs, both my strength weakness programming from Coach Hannah Mac which consisted of lots of tempo deadlifts, and doing the Wendler log 5/3/1 program.  I also spent a Saturday morning with my husband in our garage doing deadlifts which felt like a big boost to my progress.  The rest of the deadlift programming I had been doing on my own and my husband is a pretty decent deadlifter, he can pick up a lot of weight, so it was great to have another set of eyes on my technique.  I started focusing on pulling my weight right back and dropping my butt rather than such a big hinge at the waist.  At home we didn’t have the right fractionals to do 75kg so I ended up doing a couple at 80kg instead, it was definitely a boost for my confidence.

The magic day I managed to do ten 75kg deadlifts was actually the 1st of August, but it was still July somewhere in the world.  I’d missed my usual lunchtime Crossfit class because of a meeting and met my husband at a friends gym instead.  I worked up to the weight via my usual 5/3/1 program which I have found to be a great way to warm up to the right weight.  I didn’t video it, I didn’t mention it to my husband or friend training behind me, I put the weights on, had a nervous wee, chalked up my hands and did it.  Around rep 5 my husband realised what I was doing and I suddenly had a cheer squad but it felt so doable I had no doubt I’d make it through.

An interesting discussion we had afterwards was the difference using a 15kg and 20kg bar makes.  I’d been practising at home and at yet another gym I teach at with a 20kg bar, but the time I hit my 10 reps at 75kg I used the 15kg (or the girl bar) that fits much better in my hands.  But I think the fact I’d been using a 20kg bar made it so much easier.

I didn’t end up getting my 10 toes to bar.  A week before the end of the month I hurt my shoulder, I’m a bit disappointed, I felt so close.  When I’m just working on TTB, and not exhausted in a WOD I can consistently get 6 or 7 in a row.  But as soon as my shoulder is better I’m sure I’ll be able to knock it off pretty quickly.  The solution to fixing my TTB came from Coach Hannah Douglas, I just need to focus on getting my body right behind the bar rather than underneath it.

I’m a bit at a loss for my August goal because of my shoulder and I managed to roll my ankle pretty badly on Thursday so I’m feeling a bit useless.  During July I thought perhaps I could work on handstands or something that didn’t involve holding a bar, but now with my shoulder, I’m not so sure. I might talk to the physio about it on Monday.  My other thought was to get running as I feel like I’ve slacked off on that aspect too but the ankle feels like a bit of an issue.  At least the swollen egg on the side of my ankle has gone down.

I think I’m going to work on handstand balance and eventually walking (subject to physio approval).  And rather than have a time goal for running I’m just going to focus on increasing my warm-up run length over the month.  No pressure, but more practice.

Have a smashing week xo




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