The Beginning

My own journey began when owned a dance school in Melbourne for 8 years.  Teaching kids meant that the topic of food was always focused around food as fuel.  You wouldn’t put dirty fuel in your car and expect it to run well.  Why would we do the same with our bodies?  

That was also the time I stopped dancing full time and had 2 beautiful babies so the weight crept on a bit.  In the last year of having the school my husband moved to New Zealand for work.  It wasn’t very unusual for him to work away, but in the past it had always been in another state.  The job was good, the time was right so I sold up and moved to Windy Wellington.

My New Life…

In the beginning, not owning the dance school felt liberating.  I discovered all the things people do on a Saturday morning when they’re not teaching in a studio every weekend.  I had time to think and be creative. Being able to pick my kids up from school was a luxury I discovered I’d been missing.  I had a sense of anticipation for a new start, the kind you get in your last year of secondary school,  excited to take on the world.

Weirdly enough both my kids started school that year.  We were still in Australia for term one, which is when my eldest started school when he was nearly 6.  In New Zealand kids start school as soon as they turn 5, so 9 months later I sent my second child off to school.  

The silly thing was that I felt a bit lost.  Now I wasn’t focusing on the boys as much I realized I was floundering.  It was that I’d tied a lot of my identity up with the person I was before I moved to New Zealand.   The person I was, orchestrated productions with 200 students.  She put herself out there and made things happen.  People looked up to her.  Now I wasn’t.  I didn’t know what I was.

The Fit Chick Solution

Things began to change when I started to find my direction again through food and fitness.  Wins were important to me and I had always been very achievement orientated.  The gym was perfect for that.  I had an amazing PT who I also did Capoeira with, which absolutely fed my dancer soul.  Starting Crossfit and tracking the results of workouts was the next big step.  I had a personal benchmark I could go back to and try and beat.  It provided proof of results which is what I needed.

6 months into my Crossfit journey there was an in gym body transformation challenge, which is the first time I’d tried Vegetarian Keto.  My body responded amazingly to it.  Keto wasn’t a new concept to me, my husband had done it before with good results, but he was a meat eater and it looked like a lot of bacon and eggs.  In the 90 day challenge, I lost 11kg, which I didn’t even realize I had that much to lose.  I was stronger, I had more energy and I felt invincible.  

Read More about my Keto Results here

Starting Fit Chick helped my relationship with dieting.

During that 90 day challenge was also the time I started the Fit Chick blog.  It was somewhere to unload my thoughts and uncomfortable feelings about talking about weight and dieting.  I’d always felt that dieting was a personal thing.  When people would talk about their ‘diets’ it would make me want to crawl under the table and hide.  Which of course was all about my own head space. 

Coincidentally, I listened to a blog yesterday and someone was talking about having a relationship with money.  If you were in a real relationship with a person you’d want to spend time with them and talk about how great they are.  It was an ah- ha moment for me.  I knew in the past I had a bad relationship with food and dieting, but that summed it up.  The 90 day Vegetarian Keto challenge forced me to change my relationship with food.  The changes were so rapid everyone was asking about it and I was by forced me out of my comfort zone to talk about it.


Jumping ahead a couple of years I’ve gone all in to help Women reclaim their amazing selves.  Fit Chick is helping new women each week and it makes my heart happy.  I’m a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach.  I’ve also recently had a bit of a focus on Pregnancy exercise and nutrition.  That focus sprang from so many clients accepting that wee-ing yourself or holding back from exercise because you’re worried about wee-ing yourself is normal.  Spoiler alert: it’s not.  It’s just something we accept to be normal because everyone talks like it is.  Our pelvic floor is another group of muscles like your shoulders.  The difference is that we see a physio if our shoulder is weak or damaged because unlike our pelvic floor, it’s associated with pain.

I’ve also found a balance between my heavier self and my crazy ripped Keto self, based on the habit approach I take with clients.  Eating fruit and not counting macros or calories makes me happy.  I do occasionally go back to Vegetarian Keto for a bit, but I’m happier with a more relaxed approach. For me,  eating a lot of bread and pasta makes me feel bloated, despite the fact it’s delicious.  But we are all individual, and a part of what I do now is work out what each persons bio individuality is.

Women put up with a lot, and often put their own needs behind the people they love.  I’m here to nurture the nurturers.  You deserve more than just good enough.  I want You to be fighting fit and so confident and happy with yourself you can take on the world.  I want you to be constantly amazed by what you can achieve.

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