Welcome to the Fit Chick Health Coach Podcast!

Join Jill, the Fit Chick Health Coach, as she helps women uplevel their lives through food and fitness.  

Interviewing experts, deep-diving into her own adventures and finding a balance between motherhood,  life and a sweet tooth for licorice and wine.

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6. Safe Return to exercise for new Mum's with Body Beyond Baby's Jen Dugard

I’d like to introduce Jen Dugard of Body Beyond Baby.  Jen is on a mission to redefine how Mum’s are educated and cared for after entering motherhood.

May 2020

tony robbins theory of scoring your life applied to the fit chick health coach formula

5. Tony Robbins theory of scoring your life applied to the Fit Chick Formula

A quick one about Tony Robbin’s theory of scoring your life and how it relates to the Fit Chick Health Coach formula of incorporating play. Make the journey as pleasurable as the destination by adding texture and positive emotions.  May 2020

how to get started in ultra marathon running with Gabriel Ribeiro

4. How to get started in Ultra Marathon running with Gabriel Ribeiro

Today I interview Gabriel Ribeiro of Gravity Fitness, to talk about how to prepare for your first Ultra Marathon.  We talk about preparation, food, recovery and how great it can be with a team.  May 2020

meal prep tips and hints, the fit chick health coach podcast

3. Meal Prep 101

Meal prep is about making good food choices as easy as possible.
Get some great hints and tips, regardless of how busy you are, or how little you like to cook.


May 2020

nutrition for new mums

2. Nutrition for New Mum's with Jenny Douglas

Jenny Douglas of Jumpstart Nutrition, talks to us about nutrition for Mum’s. She covers pregnancy nutrition, tips for new Mum’s to get the best start, plus great ideas for fussy eaters.

May 2020

fit chick health coach podcast

1. The Quirks of Step Tracking: Using Step trackers to motivate you to move.

Here is a fun look at using step trackers to motivate you to move.  The good, the obsessive and the absurd measures we go to, to wrack up that elusive 10,000 steps.

May 2020