Not your usual Squat Challenge

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Not your usual Squat Challenge.  Mixing it up and seeing real results in your fitness over the 30 days!


How it Runs

  • This is not like the usual 30 Day squat challenge you’ll find on Pinterest where you need to just do 20 squats one day and 120 another.  We’ll use music, we’ll using variations and we’ll mix it up. No 2 days are the same.
  • Designed to be done anywhere without any special equipment.  All you need is you.
  • Each day you will receive an email with that days particular challenge plus any extra hints or tips to make it easier.
  • To keep it simple there will be several different workouts based around a simple squat, repeated over the month, with options for all level of participants.

4 reviews for Not your usual Squat Challenge

  1. Sarah Hudson

    Such a great challenge. You can really notice the improvement in leg strength. So motivating too. Having to check into the Facebook page helps keep the motivation up especially in the first few days when you’d rather just sit on the couch with your sore legs.

  2. Jo Rosenbrook

    Great challenge! I’ve also noticed an improvement in my leg strength and it’s fun to be part of such a supportive and motivating group.


    I’m doing this from the UK and you would never know I was half way around the world from most of the group. I can measure how far I’ve come so far, I gone from very much a beginner to being able to complete one of the advanced ones so far. The group is very supportive and I’ve already put in an request from a another challenge to tackle a problem area 🙂

  4. Madeleine

    Awesome at keeping you going and motivated and it works for every level from beginner to advanced.
    Amazing for the legs, by two weeks you can actually see the difference.

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