Health & Nutrition Coaching


$100 USD Monthly Subscription

Includes regular meetings and check-ins at your convenience.

Online or via email.

Health and Nutrition Coaching-

  • Habit Transformation Program
  • Final Fat Loss Program
  • Lean Muscle Program
  • The BulletProof Gut Program
  • The Real Detox Program
  • The Metabolic Repair Program


This program is about looking at the bigger picture.  We look at exercise, eating, wellness and food, not just in terms of calories, but in how it makes you feel emotionally and physically.

Possible goals could include:

-weight loss

-more energy

-better sleep

-more balanced hormones

-preparing for pregnancy

We meet up once a week to chat and review how you’ve been going and make adjustments as we go.  It is about finding your bio-individuality.  There is something that will work for you, we just need to find it.  You can always email with any questions and we will check in via email as regularly as you think is required.

This program is billed monthly for a minimum of 3 months, you can cancel at any time after then, or move into a maintenance program where we meet up on a less frequent basis to keep you on track.


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