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Short Workouts for Busy Women

I get it...

You are tired and too busy to exercise, but you know it would make you feel better.  If only you had the time

You feel sluggish and have an energy crash most days and need something to pick you up. 

You are an achiever, you can do anything you set your mind to, but for some reason exercise just doesn’t seem to happen as much as you’d like. If only you had a plan and a bit of direction.

The Research

  • Studies show short bursts of high intensity interval training can be more effective than 45 minutes of less strenuous exercise, which is great news for busy women.
  • In fact, a 10-minute workout, with just one minute at high-intensity, had the same benefits as 45 minutes of jogging.
  • If you struggle with afternoon brain fog, 10 minutes of exercise can boost your brain power for a short time afterward, according to a recent study published in the journal Neuropsychologia.

Ok, ok… You get that a short workout will make you feel better, but what exactly are you going to do?


A quick workout library to get you moving, boost your energy and fire up your feel good endorphins.

Here's what some of our Community had to say about our recent Squat Challenge Content...

Such a great challenge. You can really notice the improvement in leg strength. So motivating too. Having to check into the Facebook page helps keep the motivation up, especially in the first few days when you'd rather just sit on the couch with your sore legs.
Sarah Hudson
New Zealand
Great Challenge. I've noticed an improvement in my leg strength and it's fun to be par of such of a supportive and motivating group.
Jo Rosenbrook
New Zealand
I can measure how far I've come so far. I've gone from very much a beginner to being able to complete one of the advanced workouts so far. The group is very supportive and I've already put in a request for another challenge to tackle a problem area.
Lynsey Thompson
United Kingdom
Awesome at keeping you going and motivated. And it works for every level from beginner to advanced. Amazing for the legs, by two weeks you can actually see the difference.

Ways to use the Express Workouts

  • Kick start your metabolism by starting your day with a quick workout.
  • Instead of reaching for a coffee when the 3pm slump hits, get your blood pumping, and recharge your mental focus.
  • Do one short workout, repeat it several times or mix and match to create longer workouts.

Express Workout Categories

quick workouts

You can choose to just to the suggested workout of the day, or pick and choose your own from the expanding workout library.

If you need a quick pick me up, do a workout once, or for a more intense workout do it 2-4 times (or rounds)

Whole Body workout Examples

  • Body weight cardio and tone. (7-10 minutes per round)
  • Boxing inspired dance fitness video (3 minutes)
  •  Deck of cards workout (chose your own time limit or complete the deck)
  • Medicine ball workout 

Single Movement or Body Part Workouts Examples

  • Squat song challenges (5 minutes)
  •  Leg tabata (14 minutes)
  • Push the Button Glute challenge song
  •  Core strengthener (4 minutes per round)

Stretching Plan examples

  • Desk job 7 minute mobilization
  • Bed time unwind (10 minutes)
  •  Ballet barre port de bras.

In a study from Southern Illinois University, researchers found that when volunteers did just one set of nine exercises, or about 11 minutes of strength training, three days a week, they increased their resting metabolic rate (the calories burned just by existing, sleeping, breathing, sitting etc) and fat burning enough to keep unwanted weight at bay.


Hi, I’m Jill.

I’m a results based nutrition and fitness coach who’s also a Mum who loves wine and licorice. It’s about balance, and life can sometimes be very messy and overwhelming. Fit Chick is about finding that balance and helping inspire other women and give them the tools to feel amazing.


The goal of this program is to get you moving and give you an easy, no thought required plan to fit into your busy lifestyle. 

I am a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.  Seeing the excitement of my clients when they start to improve, which happens when they do anything consistently, makes me so incredibly happy.  I love to have fun and adventures, I’m incredibly grateful to have a body that lets me do those things.  I love dressing up to go out, and finding beautiful pieces of clothing and jewelry to wear.  Good health goes far beyond the food we put in our mouths and Fit Chick is about women finding their Strength, their Courage, their Power and their ‘Roar’ 


Fit Chick Express Workouts

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To be clear you need to try the program and show concrete evidence of your action.  And if it didn’t work for you, I’ll happily refund your money. 

Are you ready to get moving, boost your energy and kickstart those feel good endorphins?

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