body transformation program, weightloss transformation program,
body transformation program, weightloss transformation program

See Results with our 12 Week Body Transformation Program


But You’re still not looking or feeling the way You want to be.

I Know You...

You are DETERMINED to make this happen, you will have a body you can be confident in.

You KNOW NO BOUNDARIES when it comes to caring  for the people you love, it’s now time to look after you.

You are BRAVE enough to take action to be the strong, healthy, confident woman you know you can be.


But when it comes to looking after yourself and your own health, there is always something else to focus on instead

  • You want your family to be confident and happy but inside you know you’re setting a lousy example.
  •  You could achieve so much more in your professional life if you had more energy and spark.
  • You’ve accepted that feeling bloated, sluggish or stiff are who you are now, you’re not 20 any more.

You’ve been trying to make changes for so long with no long term result, it’s like you’re stuck in an elevator that has a mind of it’s own.  Well it’s time to pack your bags gorgeous lady, because we’re moving into the penthouse (of at least somewhere closer to the top with a better outlook).

Introducing the Reboot, Reset and Roar Body Transformation Program.

A 12 week program to help you finally take control of your health, create a body bursting with energy and confidence in your own skin.  Because everyone deserves a body they are proud of

Jill has a lovely relaxed, kind yet motivating manner about her, the content of the program is a complete health overall as far as I'm concerned, I've learnt lots and find each week very exciting as it is so changeable keeping it fun and exciting. The short burst exercise videos are brilliant, I feel so much of this is aimed at real people who are really busy but are wanting to make real positive changes that they can build into their busy lives.
Emma, Wellington New Zealand
Reboot, Reset, Roar, Round 1.
.....Jill’s program is exceptional. From itemized ingredients, recipes and even tips for food storage. I feel that Jill’s program improved my overall health and enlightened me to a fresh culinary direction. The perk of eating better is you feel better, and I lost weight. I’ve worked very hard on my waistline, but weight loss does not happen through exercise alone. Jill creates a comprehensive agenda that overall all improved my “healthy living” journey.
12 Week Body Transformation Participant.

About the Body Transformation Program

The main aim is to come out of the 12 weeks looking and feeling amazing about yourself, and improving the confidence in your own skills and knowledge to maintain it.

  • Drop unwanted body fat
  • Shrink your waistline
  • Improve your fitness
  • Shape your body
  • Feel more confident
  • Double your energy
  • Improve your overall health
  • Be part of a private Facebook group for support and accountability so you have no excuses and hit your goals 

Weekly Focuses


Hi, I’m Jill

I’m a results based nutrition and fitness coach who specializes in helping busy women reclaim their identities outside of motherhood and work, through food and fitness.

I love to have fun and adventures, I’m incredibly grateful to have a body that lets me do those things.  I love dressing up to go out, and finding beautiful pieces of clothing and jewelry to wear.  Eating outside with good company and good food makes my heart incredibly happy, and is definitely not limited to leafy greens and carrots.


  • I understand being 'too busy'
  • I know what it's like to feel like you're always trying to lose weight or get stronger and nothing seems to work.
  • I know what it's like to realize you've become a whole other person to who you see myself as (a 20 year old with the world ahead of you and a body to match) and wonder if this is who you are now.
    And just so you know, the answer is 100% No. There is so much greatness coming your way.
  • It sucks feeling helpless, but more often than not the answer is having a solid plan of action and someone who knows what they're doing to give you a bit of support.
Fit Chick Health Coach Jill


Reboot, Reset, Roar- Group

  • Quickstart guide, videos and checklist
  • Weekly modules and focuses
  • Work out Plans
  • Recipes and Meal Planning
  • Private FB group and group coaching
  • Group Coaching

One Time Payment $397 USD

 Click here for Payment Plan: $117 x4

Reboot, Reset, Roar- VIP

  • Quickstart guide, videos and checklist
  • Weekly modules and focuses
  • Work out Plans
  • Recipes and Meal Planning
  • Private FB group and choose to be a part of the group coaching
  • 3 Private coaching sessions with Jill, plus unlimited Voxer access

One Time Payment $697 USD

Wait there's more...
We have some crazy Value added bonuses just for you!

Bonus #1


We’re all about the wins here, and your first quick win is this Bonus recipe pack as soon as you sign up.  Choose between the Breakfast recipe collection, Vegetarian recipe collection or the Light bites recipe collection.

Bonus #2

12 months Free access to our Express workout program

Supercharge your body transformation with these easy to follow, do anywhere, minimal equipment workouts.   This is worth $97 alone!

Bonus #3


Keep yourself accountable by keeping a one click visual food log, which can be checked in on by your Friendly Fit Chick Health Coach for feedback.

Bonus #4


Overhaul your Total Health with this 21 Days to Gut Health Program.  Geek out about gut health and our amazing bodies, Learn about Pre and Pro Biotics, try the Simple recipes included to boost the good bacteria in your gut.


Backed by the 30 Day,
Do the Work Guarantee

We’re so confident that you are going to be Amazed by the strategies and program ahead of you, that if you give if a go and aren’t satisfied, let us know within 30 days and we will refund 100% of your Money.  #nobrainer

To be clear you need to try the program and show concrete evidence of your action.  And if it didn’t work for you, I’ll happily refund your money. 

Are you ready to Reboot your systems, Reset where you see yourself in 12 months and Roar with confidence in the New You?

Be our next Body Transformation Program Success Story

Frequently Asked Questions

Why will this Program get me better results than going it alone?

You can absolutely try doing it alone. But I bet it’s something you’ve been trying for a while.  It’s like having a leaky tap, you just try and turn it off a bit harder and harder each time to stop the leak.  After months it’s so bad you need to get someone in to fix it. It takes him 10 minutes and costs you $50 and you wonder why you didn’t get it done sooner.  Sometimes what you really need is a solid plan, some accountability and someone who has the tools to get it done.

What is the difference between the DIY and the VIP Program?

In the VIP program you get all the same awesome material and Facebook group support as the DIY Program, but you also get 3 Private coaching sessions with Jill to specifically problem solve any roadblocks you’re having. In between those sessions you also have Voxer access, which is a bit like a walkie talkie app on your phone..  You can ask a question and Jill will answer within 24 hours (probably sooner).  It’s a much more personalized experience and your accountability is even higher.

If you have any Questions about the program email Jill at