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Gathering proof of your own awesomeness.

gather proof of your own awesomeness, know your greatness

Do you know your greatness? I bet you could tell me 3 things you can’t do without even thinking.  Things you know  you can’t do because you’ve never done them before.

I went to a great talk this morning, given by author and speaker Jess Stuart.  More info on Jess here

The first big take away from her talk was that we can look at our successes in 3 ways:

  • we can fail
  • we can be good enough
  • or we can be successful

For some reason many of us, myself included,  we classify good enough as a failure.  If we’re not the best or as great as we’d hoped it’s a fail.  How did that become a thing?

Step 1: Give yourself a high 5 for showing up

It’s interesting that we often hear people complain about the culture to give kids medals just for turning up.   I definitely think we should have winners and losers, winning feels so much better if we know what it is like to lose.  But as an adult, I think there are definitely times we should give ourselves a mental high five just for turning up.  Good enough is much better than failing ahead of time by never trying in the first place.

The speed it takes me to row 500m might be ‘ok’, but I know it will eventually be better because I took the time to ‘be good enough’ and every small improvement I class as a success.  (Mental note, get on the rower more often)

Step 2: Celebrate the Successes and keep score

In an effort to know your greatness, the second thing to do, is to celebrate successes.  We set goals and hopefully achieve them, but we don’t take the time to bask in our successes.  We just move onto the next thing we can’t do and need to conquer. Make a list of what you’re greatful for.  It might sound a bit naff, but  write a list of all the things you can do in the next week.  Keep a record of any win, no matter how small, anything you’ve managed to improve in the past 6 months but forgot to acknowledge because you were so focused on looking ahead to what I can’t do yet.

Step 3: Reframe the ‘Fails’

Coming back to your epic list of things you know you can’t do, let’s look at how they are opportunites instead. Forget about all the ‘fails’, or look at what you got from those fails.  Look at them as learnings or stepping stones.

If one of your fails is to be on a first name basis with the takeaway delivery guy, look at it as an opportunity to tackle food prepping so you have something healthy to resort to when the day has been long and nothing has gone to plan.  Get your Free Meal Prep cheat sheet here.

If you feel super unfit, use it as a challenge to walk for 10 minutes each day and build up from there.

No one except you has to see your list, but sometimes we just need the proof that we are awesome to believe it.

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