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Remembering how to move- Capoeira

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After playing with handstands yesterday it reminded me of all the fun stuff I used to do with my old trainer, Gabriel . It was a quick reminder that I should practice it so I didn’t lose it or forget.

His training is focused on functional fitness, and the Capoeira aspect of it really appealed to my former dancer self.  After working with him for 2 years I could do things in my mid 30’s, that I couldn’t do while I was dancing full time in my 20’s.
I think I’ve shied away from some of it recently because I’ve had in my mind that I need time to really warm up for it, but a few moving sequences was enough to get my body more than ready.  It was also interesting to see which muscles had forgotten how to do it. It was just like riding a bike 🙂  Man it feels good to move.


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