Episode 5. Tony Robbins theory of scoring your life applied to the Fit Chick Formula​

tony robbins theory of scoring your life applied to the fit chick health coach formula

Today is a short one about Tony Robbin’s theory of scoring your life and how it relates to the Fit Chick Health Coach formula of incorporating play. Make the journey as pleasurable as the destination by adding texture and positive emotions.

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Episode Transcript:

Tony Robbins theory of scoring your life applied to the Fit Chick Formula


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Welcome to the FitChick health coach podcast. I’m your host, Jill Lister Martin. Join me as I help women up level their lives through food and fitness, interviewing experts deep diving into my own adventures and finding a balance between motherhood life, a sweet tooth for licorice and wine. Because let’s face it, life is messy and sometimes a little bit overwhelming. FitChick is about finding that balance and inspiring women by giving them the tools to take control of their own health and feel amazing. Let’s get started.



Hi. I’m Jill, your FitChick health coach, and welcome. I just was walking home from the gym and I was thinking about talking to my FitChick community about an entirely different topic, which you should be proud of, by the way, check out FitChick health coach community on Facebook, and also listening to (Inaudible) motivation on Spotify and Tony Robbins came on and he was talking about scoring your life and I thought it really tied back to the plane element that we talked about in the pitching formula. So, I just wanted to talk about that today. Just while it was fresh in my mind. Like you mentioned, you have a movie and there’s no music at all.



And the music plays such a huge role in how we feel that drives our emotions. But imagine the difference between somebody like me creating music for film, who is not particularly talented in that area, or someone with much more depth and passion and talent like john Williams or Hans Zimmer, it would create such a different emotion. Imagine movies without the romantic music or the epic hero music as they prepare to face that final battle and when we feel emotion that drives us to move forward, or the reason why we either do something or don’t do something.



And that’s why we need to look at things that add fun and fuels emotion in our whatever we’re doing that’s going to drive us towards our goals. It doesn’t have to be music. Depending on what your goal is, if your thing is you want to work out more, then maybe you do listen to music or podcasts or a trashy book on tape, not that we have books on tapes. But you know what I mean, audio book, while we do it, or make it a regular thing with a friend or get out into new environments. We have been doing that as a family and it has been a little bit of hit Miss and what we’re actually doing is going out and exercising but we didn’t call it that.



We’ve been going out for adventures and we’ve been on hikes to cool places and paddling in rivers and we did have a little bit of a mess when we rode bikes out to a lighthouse, which was great and riding out there was amazing, and we’re sitting there coasting, and well-maintained bikes and barely had to pedal. Except we live in really windy Wellington and just cruising along. But on the way back, the wind was so bad and my youngest was in tears. My two boys and I were just about blown up how black sideways like off the cliff. It was a debacle. But it was all good and we had lunch and we had ice cream, it was all fine again. But the point of it all was to go out and make it fun.



And it was about finding a beautiful new setting or making it a bit more exciting for both me but my kids and just adding that element of play and when it comes to things like drinking more water, maybe you have a really nice water bottle that you like to drink that makes you happy when you see it. I know I like to drink soda water at the end of the day from a beautiful crystal wineglass, makes it feel a little bit fancy. Or maybe you have a beautiful teacup or a special crockery to eater. Just really enjoy what you’re doing.



Don’t rush it, enjoy it. Pretty much the point of it all is just to find something that makes you look forward to doing whatever it is that’s going to drive you towards your goal. It’s about adding texture and adding. It’s about scoring your life, find things that make it fun, make an adventure and make it a pleasure to do have a fabulous day and I want you to really think about what you can do to make your life even more richer and more of a joy. Have an awesome day.



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