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Strength, Courage, Power, Roar

Sometimes when I really have to dig deep in a workout I have ‘songs’ to get me through.

They aren’t actual songs you’d hear on the radio, more like a mantra I repeat over and over. But like a song on the radio, I’d probably be too embarrassed to voice it out loud.
I always used songs and stories to help with performance when I was a dancer, to help with timing and expression.  Then when I started Crossfit and had to run without music my ‘songs’ helped me through.  I needed music to run, (see my post on my uncomfortable relationship with running ), it helped distract me from my exploding chest and to keep a rhythm.
I’m not even sure where I got my most recent song from, it’s pretty cheesy, don’t laugh, but it’s ‘Strength, courage, power roar’.
I used this strategy at The Mount for the Crossfit Nationals.
The moment Strength, Courage, Power, Roar really came in was during the team sprint.  I had to do rope climbs and a sprint to move a cone and repeat up to ten times, depending on how much time was left.  I didn’t have a lot of time, I was the last to start the rope climbs out of all the teams but I was focused and did 6 rope climbs and sprints in 2 minutes. One of my teammates was telling me how fierce I looked doing it. I guess like in ballet where my song helped portray a story, my ‘Roar’ translated as fierce, and fierce was definitely how I felt.
I usually bring in my song for endurance work, but I’ve been thinking about trying it this week during strength training when I have time to count myself in.  “Strength, courage, power, roar” instead of “3,2,1,go”.  I’ll let you know if it helps.
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