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The One Thing: simplifying and doing one thing well.


I’ve had a pretty crazy busy couple of weeks.

A week ago we went up to Mount Maunganui to compete in the Crossfit Team Nationals.  We’ve also had a week and a half of house guests and visiting family to celebrate my youngest boys birthday, which also included a sleepover birthday party of 9-year-olds, who did very little sleeping.

After the Mount we took a week of visitors as a time to relax our eating plans, and just recover and enjoy the time we had with family.  Which was great, but now I’m a couple of kg heavier, feeling a bit behind in work but glad to be back in a routine.

I’m also reading the book The One Thing, by Gary Keller. It’s about finding your one thing to really focus on and be really good at that, or as the subtitle says “The surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results”.  For example Colonial Sanders and his fried chicken or Starbucks, they picked one thing and excelled.

I think I’ve been stretching myself too thin and trying to do all the things.  I’d actually recently had this conversation about my training with my team on the road trip back from the Mount.  When I really see results is when I pick a single movement or action to focus on and dedicate time and energy to it, like my month of deadlifts.  The book is obviously talking about greater purpose, not being able to lift heavy things off the floor, but then again I know my husband is known for being able to lift and squat heavy things because that was his focus for so long.  It is his badge of honor.  I can think of several situations in the past month where people in 2 different gyms have used his strength and technique as an example in conversation to others, and one of those gyms he hasn’t been to in years.

To be honest I’m only part way through the book, so I’m sure I’ll have more takeaways from it, but in the aftermath of what has really been a month of chaos, the one thing I’m going to really focus on as far as getting back on track, is to drink plenty of water which I’ve struggled with lately.  Sure I’ll be eating according to my goals, but as long as I focus on my one thing, if everything else falls to pieces it will be fine.

It feels like the perfect timing for this book to turn up in my life, it was recommended by a mentor then took about a month to arrive in the mail after I ordered it.  I have a lot of thinking to do to clarify my big picture one thing, but I like the idea of having smaller ‘one things’ to focus on.  It was an idea in the back of my mind already, but it seems to be pulling lots of swirling thoughts about my training and life plan together.

Do you know what your One Thing is?


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