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The Rise of the Home Workout Warrior- in response to Covid

I think we’ve all been knocked by Covid in some way or another in the last year, but one of the upsides is the rise of the home workout warrior. Our health is being prioritized. Isolation means we’re spending more time working out, rather than working. And the market for home gym equipment is booming.

I’m lucky enough to live in New Zealand. Other than a lockdown for a couple of months early last year, and the odd week of level two when a community case arises, life is pretty much back to normal.

Working out in Isolation/ Lock Down

Lockdown saw me have the best home gym of my life. To that point in time (insert joyful wink). We borrowed equipment from the gyms we worked at the day before isolation began. Then settled in for a work/workout/daily walk lifestyle which actually suited me quite well. I came out of that lockdown 3kg lighter and fitter than when I went in.

During that lockdown, I still took PT clients via zoom sessions and taught Strong Nation and Zumba Fitness classes. My boys would help me deadlift the couches out of the lounge and set up the makeshift recording studio every Monday night for class.

I also walked around and discovered more of my local area than I’d known before. I’d always be too busy to explore as much as I’d like to. Getting out for a walk was imperative for most of our mental health. I coined a term during the lockdown, called the ‘walk cry’. You’d be surprised how many people you’d see out walking with tears rolling down their faces if you looked out for it.

After lockdown ended, and all the equipment went back to its respective gym, we started to look at replacing some of it. A good squat rack was definitely great to have, so that was first on our list. But now all squat racks in New Zealand were on backorder. We thought we’d wait for the flood of post lockdown equipment to come onto the online marketplace, but it doesn’t really seem to have happened.

Embracing the Home workout Warrior

People have started to embrace the idea of working out at home. It’s interesting to watch people in other countries still working out at home. It’s like a Tetris of gym equipment, maneuvered to fit in garages and spaces we’d never dreamed had enough space to work out in.

The rise of limited equipment and no equipment workout programs online is going gangbusters. It has made people reassess what they want from their workouts. A generic home workout program is cheaper than the gym, if you actually have the discipline to do it. I do however wonder if it’s also increased the number of injuries done without professional supervision, or appropriately scaled programming.

Speaking of reassessing our priorities. Coming out of lockdown I know people who all of a sudden realized they didn’t actually want to work out at 5.30 am. Though oddly enough, my life has changed so much in the last year that I’m now a pre 6 am workout kind of person. Whereas previously there was no way I’d be at the gym before 7 am.

home workout warrior, garage gym
My own multipurpose home garage gym/costume studio

Pros of Working out at Home

One of the major benefits of working out at home is wearing whatever you want. My Christmas elf tights got more wear last year during lockdown than they ever have. I’m not a ‘whip your top off when it gets hot’ at the gym person either. But working out at home I don’t mind people walking past see me training in my All support, Mum sports bra.

It’s ok to pick up a workout singlet, give it a sniff and decide if you’re ok wearing it again because no one else is going to smell you. Leggings a bit see-through in squats? No problem. Bike shorts tend to crawl up your butt and leave little to the imagination? No one will ever know.

Working out at home is also far less germier. I’m not a germaphobe, but in this age of Covid it is definitely a concerning factor for many people. In workout classes cleanliness is more managable. It’s easier for coaches and gyms to make sure all the equipment is clean and sanitized. In your general gym, on the other hand, you have no idea who sweated and coughed on the barbell you’re using. Or how many people have used it since it was last sprayed and wiped down.

Cons of the Home workout Warrior.

The downside is definitely motivation. It’s much harder to push yourself when no one is watching, like a trainer, or other gym members.

I’m fine to work out at home now, but there was a while there where I had my newly built-up home gym where I train clients, but I still went to the gym to workout myself. Partially to see other people, but also when I train at home my kids might come in and start trying to pick up weights or slide back and forth on the rower seat.

As anyone who has tried any sort of work from home, there are also plenty of distractions. When I’m at the gym I don’t notice the towels I need to put away. Or the materials I want to start experimenting with sitting there because my garage is a multipurpose gym and costume studio.

Covid definitely has a lot to answer for, but the change in our work out attitudes is refreshing. Hail the home workout warrior! For those with the discipline and motivation to keep it up you are amazing.

As Charles Darwin put it perfectly, It is not the strongest or most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change.

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