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The trials and tribulations of working out in isolation.

Training on your own in isolation can be hard.  Working out at home can be hard.  Like most of the world, I’m currently self-isolating because of this pandemic. This is a look at how it’s working out at the Fit Chick headquarters so far…

I love fitness classes. I love teaching them, I love doing them. Despite the fact I create workout programs for clients, turning up to a Crossfit class and being told what to do, doing it with other people to motivate me and interact with is my jam. 

Gosh I miss other people.  

Benefit #1: Having a home gym and the time to actually use it.

One of the many benefits and I’m focusing on all the positives at the moment, is that I have the best home gym going on in my life. Between the relatively decent home gym we had, plus the equipment we’ve been able to borrow from both gyms we work and train at, it is a set up I could pretty much train everything, even if we were in lockdown for a year. I feel so incredibly lucky to have it, and lucky to have the time to use it. I can not thank you enough Pure Tough for the equipment we have to use.

We’re only a week and a couple of days into lockdown, so motivation has been pretty good so far but it’s starting to wane. Not that I don’t want to workout, but sometimes it’s getting harder to stick with the plan when no one is watching.

Maia Crossfit is still putting out daily bodyweight workout, plus a weekly challenge. And the amount of work is actually pretty huge. The gyms online community is pretty active which definitely helps me show up and do the work, but I’ve skipped a few days recently to get other training done instead. And despite bodyweight workouts definitely being in my wheelhouse, I’m actually starting to get over them pretty quickly.

Juggling space is tricky

One of the tricky things about everyone being home is negotiating the space. Our 2 main spaces are definitely multipurpose at the moment. The home gym is already a multipurpose space, being my studio, but it now also has my husband working in it. And he has a lot of meetings and privacy restrictions about people seeing his work.

This means gym time is also limited. I have to get in and be done before 9am, or I have to wait until the end of the day when it’s not as likely to happen. Bodyweight workouts happen in the lounge or on the deck, but all the equipment lives in the studio.

Doing ALL the work can be harder when no one is watching.

I’m also doing a squat program and working on deadlifts. Both are weaknesses of mine, and what better time to work on them, right? But sometimes it’s easy to want to stop when you’re slogging it out alone.

This morning consisted of 10 rounds of 10 back squats at 65% of my 1 rep max. I slept in a tad so I had a bit less time than I’d hoped. I set my SmartWod timer for every 2 minutes. It meant it was going to take 20 minutes but I couldn’t have done it any faster with less rest. Training alone means a lot of bargaining goes on. This is what the next 20 minutes of my brain looked like…

10 rounds of bargaining:

Round 1-2: My husband is going to come in soon to start work. This is very grind-y. Maybe I won’t have time to do it all. I need to slow down, but slowing down means less rest and I feel so rushed.

Round 3-5: Maybe I’ll just get to 5 rounds and do the other 5 later. But then I’ll have to warm up again. That’s right, I need to remember to use my breathing.

Round 6: Maybe I’ll do 7 or 8 rounds. 70 or 80 squats is better than 50. Also, I could really use this time to find some pretty knee sleeves. I’m sure I can still order some online.

Round 7: Yes I can definitely make it to 8 rounds. Inhale, brace, squat, stand up and breathe out. Repeat.

Round 8: I’m so close to the end, I can do it.

Round 9-10: I am totally awesome and can do this. I am so glad I stuck it out.

The home workout outfit

Another benefit of working out at home is you don’t need to worry about anyone seeing what you wear.

The right undies for the pants you’re wearing? Optional.

Did I wear this yesterday? Irrelevant.

Christmas leggings in April? Absolutely. I’ve never got so much wear out of them.

Rip my shirt off mid workout even though I’m wearing a mum sports bra with underwire and support, instead of a pretty croptop? Check me out!

Learning to adapt when it comes to training other people

The last win to note is having to adapt to coaching and teaching classes online. I’ve done videos and online programs before, but never in this capacity. 

It keeps me connected with people in the outside world.  I have set times most days I need to show up and work so the days aren’t blending into one.

So far we have moving the furniture out of our lounge to record live classes to a fine art. The couches go out, the background goes in.  I know exactly where to put the camera to fit everything and the sound in Zoom is sorted.

This is certainly a time to grow and learn.  It’s also a time to step back and rebuild. And like every part of this pandemic, all you can do is take it one day at a time.

Let me know how you’re going working out at home.

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