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Why having a support team helps you achieve your goals

With supporter No 1 at NZ Crossfit Nationals 2017

It isn’t possible to always be on your A game.  You get sick, you get injured, work takes over your life, school holidays happen, and motivation is never there 100% of the time.

Having a great team around is a huge factor in keeping on track when times get tough.  Not only do they support and encourage me, but they also keep me accountable from dropping off the radar all together when times get tough.

My number one support person is my husband. We don’t usually train together because we have kids, but he supports me in getting my butt to the gym, he asks how it went, and food for fuel is definitely a common factor in our house.  He’s also stepped in and suggested when to rest, which is sometimes all the permission I need if I struggle to do it myself.

Coaches are definitely up there too.  They can push and encourage, but also help me modify if I’m injured or burned out.   Having a community of like-minded peers and friends are invaluable.  Being a part of our gyms ‘Competition Squad’ is great.  You know the old saying that you the average of the five people you spend the most time with, (or any variation on that).  Comp Squad is a group of dedicated athletes who work together, but most importantly I feel like I belong to a group of awesome motivating people.

Working towards goals can be made much easier if you feel supported.  You may be lucky enough to have a partner or friend who is your fiercest supported, or you may need to pay someone to step into that role, but I 100% believe it is worth it.


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