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I’m a Zumba Instructor who happens to like lifting weights and being strong.  The new program Zumba has brought out is called ‘Strong’ and I thought I’d give it a go. It’s something I’m reasonably interested in teaching, though my current students would not be the intended audience, it would probably be more of a gym thing.
I went along to a class with Carolyn Patchell who is the only ZIN in Wellington actually teaching it at the moment.  Holy moly she was full of energy, so amazingly full of energy I almost felt too intimidated to want to teach it.  The class was divided into four ‘quadrants’, with a timed musical drink break in between, there was definitely no time for mucking around.
It was like an hour of superfast burpees, jumping squats and lunges and boxing.  It was definitely a shock to the system for the first 10 minutes, but once I got into it I l really enjoyed it.  Brutal was a word that came to mind pretty early on.  I know I’m pretty fit and gym savvy, I don’t know how everyone else felt.
It is not like the usual dance-based Zumba fitness class at all.  It is a whole different kettle of fish.
The final quadrant includes a lot of floor work which is definitely not a Zumba Fitness thing.  Even at the end of a usual Zumba class, all the stretches are done standing up because we teach in all matter of dusty and dirty places.  In Zumba Strong, you bring a yoga mat or towel and get down there.  It’s a hybrid mix of Zumba, aerobics, and kickboxing on steroids.
Like any class, the more I do it the easier it would get.  I’d get my brain around the choreo and it wouldn’t seem as fast.  I am very tempted to do the next available instructor training.  I’ll see when it is…


A year later I became a Strong Instructor and I love it.


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